How to Handle SETBACKS

How to Handle SETBACKS

Recently, someone in my community asked me “how do I handle setbacks?” I know it can be frustrating (and then some!), but the key to any kind of success is to dust yourself off, get back up, and keep on keeping on. Easier said than done, right? So, in this...

Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul – WEEK 2 : BODY

We’re up to WEEK TWO of our Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul free series. Last week we cleaned up our diet. I gave 6 simple, yet very effective, suggestions. If you missed last week and want to catch up CLICK HERE for the article.   This week we are...

Trick #5 in Keeping the Weight off for GOOD!

So what is the final key in keeping weight loss off for good? Are you ready?? Here it is: When developing these new healthy habits, it is CRITICAL that you develop your own Accountability Team. Your conscious mind controls up to 4% of what you do. That means that 96%...

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